99 Visions – By Jessica Snow


99 visions by Jessica Snow 

Written guided meditation from the new book “99 Visions” currently campaigning on #kickstarter 

Read once then close your eyes and let yourself go there..

See yourself standing next to a great tree at night under a full moon.
Look up into the top branches of the tree to see an owl looking down at you, its eyes like twin moons taking you in.
He seems to be inviting you to transform into an owl yourself. Do just that, and then fly up to rest next to him on his branch high up in the tree.
Feel natural power running up into your owl body through your very feet and talons.
Feel the power of your enhanced eye-sight.
You can see for miles.
You get a sense from your owl friend that you are preparing for a hunt. A symbolic hunt, and you will see representations of many treasures, things you desire, in the landscape below.
Survey the landscape in a thoughtful way. Taking it all in. Turning your head in every direction. Getting a 360 degree view of things.
Of everything you’ve seen below, every little tidbit, reward and nourishing treat, decide what is the single most important thing you want first.
You can have it all, but it’s got to be one thing at a time.
So decide what you see down there that you want first.
Now swoop down on your silent owl wings and get it.
Go hunt.
You are magic.  
You are prowess.  
You are wild.
Come back, rest, commune with sky, tree, and the other owl. If you need guidance, ask and let the natural world provide the answer. Have a deep knowing that the forces of the natural world support you, just as the owl can count on the air and the trees to support him.

Message from the writer:  “I literally wrote these meditations so I could speak them to you. This is your book as much as it is mine, you were there as it was created.

99 VISIONS is the perfect way for you to gain access to everything our community offers. This book is all you need to know what we know – that you are your own guru, that your deepest and highest selves will never leave you hanging and that the world offers rich rewards to those who do inner work. No matter who you are or where you are, all of our combined magic and goodwill is going to come right through this book and into your life”.


You can see her campaign and pre-order at her kickstarter – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/872314646/99-visions

Jessica Snow – http://www.jessicasnowmeditation.com

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