July Energy Forecast By Kristy Hodges- Going to be a fast month!


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July Energy Forecast 2015 – By Kristy Leave a Comment

Hello and welcome to the JULY 2015 Energy Forecast 🙂

I’ve issued the report a day early because tonight, there is a lovely celestial event that hasn’t occurred in over 2000 years! Look to the West or North-West just after dark and you will see an extremely bright light in the sky. This is the conjunction (meeting) of Jupiter and Venus. Jupiter is much larger, but doesn’t appear that way to our naked eye as it is further away from us than Venus ~ in fact, if simply looking up at the sky, Venus is the planet at the top that looks larger and Jupiter looks like a smaller planet below. With a good telescope, its easier to see that Jupiter is large and round and Venus a fat crescent shape. With an extremely good telescope, you should be able to see some of Jupiter’s moons. Even without a telescope, there will be no missing this in the sky ~ they won’t stay around long though, no more than two hours after darkness falls. Jupiter is the planet of luck, expansion and growth and Venus is the planet of love. Great night for a date night 😉

July is going to be a fast month. There is no other way to put it. Even those who are going on holiday may feel like they need another holiday when they get back!

July is likely to have quite a lot of positivity in it, but if you don’t photograph it, write it down or capture the moments in some way, they will simply become a blur as the rate at which we are all currently moving is phenomenal! Creating space in which to tune into ourselves and feel some inner peace or calm is going to be one of the most important things we can do for ourselves all summer! There is a misnomer that many things we do on a spiritual level should be disciplined, so if we’re not meditating or sitting in a quiet space every single day, then that isn’t good enough. Hogwash! Give yourself the gift of some quiet time whenever you can…once a week if that’s all you can manage. It doesn’t take long for our intuition to start shouting if we’re quiet enough to listen every now and again.

Make sure to get out in nature, meditate, get lost in a good book ~ whatever completely switches your mind off the busy-ness of everyday living is vital to maintaining emotional balance this month.

On July 18, there is another celestial event that can be seen with the naked eye. If you look up and locate the slender waxing crescent moon, it will be directly below Venus, almost seeming to touch it in the sky. Jupiter will be just to the right and Regulus, the brightest star in Leo, will be just above it. It is quite rare to see these objects glowing so brightly, all at the same time, so it’s worth taking a look.

There are TWO Full Moons in July. Because there are two, the second is called a Blue Moon. If you’d like to read really interesting, true information about Blue Moons, please Click Here.

The Full Moon in Capricorn is on 2 July 2015 at 02.24am (GMT). This is an emotional Full Moon that calls for balance in our lives. Whether it be between work and family, money and dreams, our responsibilities and our need to have our own time/space, our social life and personal obligations etc. This moon is all about finding a balance between whatever two extremes are present in our lives right now. It’s also a good time to look at our communication with others to see how we either connect with people on a deeper level or push them away. How ever the energy of this full moon manifests for you, there will be a paradox….a duality….an acknowledgement of the two extremes. We’ll have the next two weeks to look at how we balance ourselves. My personal duality is between my social life and work/home responsibilities. Too many, wonderful invitations and almost every weekend booked through to mid-September. Its so joyful and exciting, but I’ve scheduled a long weekend away in October as by that time, I’ll need a proper, restful break!

The New Moon in Cancer is on 16 July 2015 at 03.19am (GMT). This is likely to be quite a powerful New Moon. It kicks off an emotional cycle for us all that will work in subtle ways over the next six months. It’s all about feelings ~ opening up to them, accepting them, working through them, releasing them and expressing them. Get in touch with water if you can, head to the beach, paddle in a river or lake, go crazy with a garden hose! This may sound strange to some, but I often find that if I acknowledge the energy that is around at the time (in this instance, emotions relate to water) by doing something symbolic, something that honours the elements, then it seems to connect me to the energy in positive ways and I move with it easily. Although July will be fast and full of practical things, it will also have an extremely emotional undercurrent for the first three weeks.

The Full Moon in Aquarius is on 31 July 2015 at 11.43am (GMT). Our second full moon of the month and therefore a Blue Moon. The Full Moon in Aquarius propels us to grow, to improve in some way. We move from the watery realms of emotional energy into an energy that is more mental/practical. It is an excellent moon for socializing, creating new ideas, opening up to new ways of thinking, being and communicating and for expressing our need for personal freedom in a positive way. This is an excellent Full Moon to set up a crystal grid or something that will follow the lunar cycle for 30 days as this energy is all about new beginnings ~ new, shiny and bright 🙂

The Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower arrives at the end of July, just before the Full Moon so meteors will be hard to spot in the night sky. However, the propellant energy of a meteor shower will be felt regardless of whether we can see it or not. I’ll blog full details towards the end of July, but I expect this shower to motivate and push us ~ and if we’re reluctant to move, it’s going to irritate or tire us out! Check in with how you’re feeling just before the Full Moon ~ if you feel good, bathe your crystals. If you feel irritable or tired, skip this moon out and wait for next month.

The Sun has been having a merry old time of late too, battering the Earth with some serious M Class Flares recently ~ this is very stimulating energy that heightens things ~ so if we’re tired, we’ll suddenly feel shattered. If we’re mildly irritated, we’ll feel angry. If we’re motivated and focused, that too will be amplified. If you find yourself thinking ‘it’s just not like me’ over the summer months, blame the Sun and its high activity at the moment.

I hope you’ve found the report helpful. As always, it is written with love and gratitude. Have a lovely July 🙂

Brightest of blessings

Krissy XXX

Kristy Hodges is the owner of the fabulous Serendipity Crystals, she travels the country as a crystal retailer, therapist, counselor, teacher, healer, spiritual development guide, empowerment coach and energy worker. You can find her on her website:  Serendipity Crystals, or Facebook

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