How to Deal with your Pain Body – By Savannah (Yoga Savvy)


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How to Deal with your Pain Body – By Savannah Smith (Yoga Savvy)

You may have found your self on a sort of path recently leading closer and closer toward the best possible version of you, at least this is what I have been doing. I am constantly going deeper in meditation, testing my body’s strength by staying active, healthy eating; only organic vegan foods and plenty of water. I always get to a point where it seems everything is working perfectly and I am growing in the right direction and something gets in my way, getting sick, family problems, friend problems, anything and everything.

It is so easy to let yourself get caught up in the hectic life around you and forget all of those spiritual practices you once held. So how do we stay on top of things?

I found my self begin to really struggle with staying conscious around those who are deeply unconscious. This may sound a little silly but when it is someone who is very close to you your mind and body will absorb that energy and you will find yourself carrying it around with you with out even noticing. You will notice you are much more sleepy than normal maybe a little irritated by small things, and reacting to little things that don’t really matter, these are the signs to look for when you are started to slip into unconscious behaviors.

Okay so you caught yourself now what? Find out what or who is triggering those actions and how can you flip the negative energy into not only positive, but also, uplifting energy to help those around you.

Forgiveness is key; forgive yourself for making the mistake of slipping back into only ways and begin to rejoice because you have just leveled up! This new level of consciousness has awakened in you; this has lead you to notice something just wasn’t right.

Forgive those around you who may have been dragging you into their negative bubble vortex this is not their fault. We all have these pain bodies, demons, bad habits, what ever you want to call it, that when they start to react it seems almost impossible to stop. Our job is to realize that these pain bodies exist within and around those that we love and when we react we are only feeding that pain body making it grown in size and then attack us. Our challenge is to forgive let go and show no reaction that way we are only aiding to the diminishing of that pain body.

Now that you have forgiven it is time to create new space. Now that you have cleared out those ugly cobwebs around your heart you can fill it with new love and appreciation for those around you. Maybe that space can be filled with a seated mediation or a walk in the park something that you feel will help you just take a moment to let go.

Lastly begin to grow again, bring yourself back into your path of becoming the best you instead of getting distracted by what those around you are doing for themselves. Give yourself a new challenge, hug every person you meet goodbye, smile at strangers, or maybe buy someone a cup of tea. Everyone is only ever doing the best for their level on consciousness and as soon as we fully accept what that means, the more peace and love our world will be filled with.

Sending lots of love and light,

Stay strong.

Savannah Smith (Yoga Savvy) is a certified Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa & beginners yoga instructor, meditator, writer and yoga apparel distributor.

Her Bio: “I have a background as a dancer and have been practicing yoga for the past 5 years during which I felt a strong calling to teach. I have always had a passion for helping others and Yoga quickly made me feel right at home. For my training I traveled all the way to Rishikesh, India to stay in an ashram at the bottom of the Himalayas where I spent just over a month completing my 200 hour training at Shiva Yoga Peeth under Yoga Alliance in Ashtanga, Hatha, and Vinyasa flow. It was there I learned how to deeply travel into meditation and understand Pranyama (an ancient breathing technique). There is nothing that gives me more pleasure than helping other evolve their level of consciousness, and be the very best version of them selves, this is my mission through my writing fill others with love and light to raise their vibrations. I am constantly inspired by the love surrounding me, my only hope is to send it all right back!”

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